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01January 2024Tax GroupsClick Here
02December 2023Extractive and Non-Extractive Natural Resource Business GuideClick Here
032nd October 2023Federal-decree-law-no-60-of-2023-amending-certain-provisions-of-the-federal-decree-law-no-47-of-2022Click Here
04December2023Exempt Persons - Public Benefit Entities Pension Funds and Social Security FundsClick Here
05November 2023Taxation of natural personsClick Here
06November 2023Taxation of Foreign Source Income Click Here
07October 2023Taxable Non-Resident PersonClick Here
0816 August 2023FTA Decision No. 13 of 2023 on Determination of Conditions for Conversion of Amounts Quantified in a Currency other than AEDClick Here
0916 August 2023FTA Decision No. 12 of 2023 on Conditions for Forming Tax Group of the Government Owned SubsidiariesClick Here
1016 August 2023FTA Decision No. 11 of 2023 on The Requirements of Submitting a Declaration for Exempt PersonsClick Here
1118 July 2023Cabinet Decision No. 81 of 2023 on Conditions for Qualifying Investment FundsClick Here
1210 July 2023Cabinet Decision No. 75 of 2023 and amendmentsClick Here
1310 July 2023Cabinet Decision No. 74 of 2023 on Executive Regulation of Federal Decree-Law No. 28 of 2022 on Tax ProceduresClick Here
1430 May 2023Cabinet Decision No. 56 of 2023 on Determination of a Non-Resident Persons Nexus in the StateClick Here
151st June 2023ministerial-decision-no-139-of-2023-regarding-qualifying-activities-and-excluded-activitiesClick Here
1630 May 2023Cabinet-decision-no-55-of-2023-on-qualifying-incomeClick Here
1729 May 2023Ministerial Decision No. 134 of 2023 on the General Rules for Determining Taxable IncomeClick Here
1825 May 2023Ministerial Decision No. 133 of 2023 on Business Restructuring ReliefClick Here
1925 May 2023Ministerial Decision No. 132 of 2023 on Transfers Within a Qualifying GroupClick Here
2024 May 2023Ministerial Decision No. 127 of 2023 on Unincorporated Partnership Foreign Partnership and Family FoundationClick Here
2123 May 2023Ministerial Decision No. 126 of 2023 on the General Interest Deduction Limitation RuleClick Here
2222 May 2023Ministerial Decision No. 125 of 2023Click Here
2316 May 2023Ministerial Decision No. 120 of 2023 on the Adjustments Under the Transitional RulesClick Here
2410 May 2023Ministerial Decision No. 116 of 2023Click Here
2510 May 2023Ministerial Decision No. 115 of 2023Click Here
2609 May 2023Ministerial Decision No. 114 of 2023Click Here
272023Cabinet-decision-no-7-of-2023-cabinet-decision-states-the-applicable-fees-for-taxpayers-that-are-seeking-private-clarificationsClick Here
2822 February 2023Ministerial Decision No. 27 of 2023 Click Here
292nd September 2022Cabinet Decision 85 of 2022Click Here
3008 May 2023Cabinet Decision No. 49 of 2023Click Here
3104 May 2023Ministerial Decision No. 105 of 2023Click Here
3210 April 2023Ministerial Decision No. 83 of 2023Click Here
3310 April 2023Ministerial Decision No. 82 of 2023Click Here
3407 April 2023Ministerial-decision-no-37-of-2023-qualifying-public-benifit-entitiesClick Here
3510 March 2023Ministerial Decision No. 43 of 2023Click Here
3629 March 2023Ministerial Decision No. 68 of 2023Click Here
3703 April 2023Ministerial Decision No. 73 of 2023Click Here
3830 December 2022Cabinet Decision No. 116 of 2022Click Here
39May 2023Federal-decree-law-no-47-of-2022-on-the-taxation-of-corporations-and-businessesClick Here
4007 April 2023FTA Decision No. 7 of 2023 on the Provisions of Exemption from Corporate Tax Click Here
4107 April 2023FTA Decision No. 6 of 2023 on the Tax Deregistration Timeline Click Here
4207 April 2023FTA Decision No. 5 of 2023 on the Conditions for Change in Tax PeriodClick Here
4327 April 2023Ministerial Decision No. 97 of 2023Click Here
44April 2024Business Restructuring Relief - 17 04 2024Click Here
45May 2024Corporate Tax guide on Investment Funds and Investment ManagersClick Here
46May 2024Corporate Tax guide on Investment Funds and Investment ManagersClick Here
47May 2024Free Zone Persons CIT Guide (FTA)Click Here
48May 2024VATP037 - Director services - for publishing - 13 05 2024Click Here