In the UAE, tax consulting services provide knowledgeable direction and assistance to people and businesses navigating the nation’s changing tax environment. Tax consultants of de tempête can help clients understand and abide by UAE tax laws in light of the recent implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT). These services support efficient interactions with tax authorities, assure accurate VAT computations, offer guidance on tax planning, and optimize tax strategies. In the UAE, tax consultants are essential in assisting customers with managing their tax obligations, reducing liabilities, and maintaining compliance with local tax laws.

VAT Advice

Since the UAE implemented VAT, companies need direction on how to handle transactions in accordance with the law, keep proper records, and submit VAT reports.

Corporation Tax Advisory

While most businesses are not subject to a federal corporation income tax in the UAE, some industries and activities might be. Tax consultants assist organizations in comprehending these particular rules.

Customs and Excise Tax Advisory

Customs and excise tax consequences for imports, exports, and locally manufactured items are discussed by tax consultants in detail.

International Tax Planning

Tax consultants help businesses structure their operations to reduce their tax exposure both domestically and globally

Transfer Pricing

In order to ensure that related party transactions are done at arm's length for enterprises, transfer pricing regulations must be adhered to.

Tax Compliance Services

Consultants help companies prepare appropriate tax returns, making sure that all necessary paperwork is in place and delivered on time to avoid penalties.

Tax Dispute conclusion

Tax consulting services provide assistance in dealing with tax authorities, representing clients' interests, and securing a just conclusion in cases of tax disputes or audits.

Individual Tax Planning

Expatriates and UAE citizens may need advice on their personal tax requirements, including the income taxes they must pay in the UAE and in their home countries.

Tax laws in free zones

The UAE has a number of free zones with unique tax laws. Tax consultants assist companies operating in these zones in understanding their tax liabilities and advantages.

Economic Substance Regulations

In order to engage in some activities in the UAE, enterprises must show that they have a significant amount of economic activity there. Tax consultants support compliance.