In Bangladesh, the term “payroll service” refers to a specific solution for managing employee salary. Calculating salaries, subtracting taxes and contributions, abiding by Bangladeshi labor rules, and ensuring prompt salary payments are all part of the process. By streamlining payroll procedures, this service lowers administrative burdens while ensuring accurate and legal income distribution for workers in Bangladesh. Outsourcing payroll service in Bangladesh involves delegating the responsibility of managing employee compensation to an external provider. By outsourcing the service from de tempête businesses can streamline operations, enhance accuracy, and focus on core activities while experts manage payroll processes in accordance with Bangladeshi laws and practices.

Salary Calculation

Calculating employee salary, allowances, overtime, and other aspects of remuneration correctly.

Wage Distribution

Paying employee salaries on time and securely via a variety of payment options is known as wage distribution.

Statutory Deductions

Withholding and payment of required contributions such income tax, employee retirement savings, and gratuities.

Leave Management

Management of employee leaves, including yearly, sick, and other sorts, in accordance with labor rules.

Tax Compliance

Addressing tax-related requirements as necessary to comply with Bangladeshi labor and tax laws.

Customized Reporting

Producing reports that are specifically designed for businesses to examine payroll costs and trends.

Employee Self-Service

Giving staff members online access to pay stubs, tax records, and other pertinent data.

Labour Law Adherence

Maintaining knowledge of Bangladeshi labor regulations in order to ensure correct and legal payroll procedures.

Bonuses and Allowances

Managing the computation and delivery of bonuses, incentives, and other allowances.

Social Security Compliance

Ensuring that employees receive their due social security benefits and payments.

HR Integration

Aligning payroll with HR processes including onboarding new employees and benefits administration.

End-of-Service rewards

As required by law, calculating and processing gratuities as well as other end-of-service rewards.