Form NameCategoryIssuing AuthorityDescriptionDownload
Income Tax Return 2023 (Individual and others)Tax FormsNBRIncome Tax Return 2023 (Individual and others)Click Here
Withholding Tax Return - English VersionTax FormsNBRWithholding Tax Return – EnglishClick Here
Withholding Tax Return - Bangla VersionTax FormsNBRWithholding Tax Return – BanglaClick Here
75A ReturnTax FormsNBRReturn of Withholding TaxesClick Here
108 ReturnTax FormsNBRStatement Regarding the Payment of SalaryClick Here
108A ReturnTax FormsNBRStatement Regarding Filing of Return of EmployeesClick Here
Statement of tax deducted from SalariesTax FormsNBRStatement of tax deducted from SalariesClick Here
Statement of tax deposit_Chapter VII of ITOTax FormsNBRStatement of tax deposit_Chapter VII of ITOClick Here
Mushak 4.3VAT FormsNBRInput output co-efficientClick Here
Mushak 6.1VAT FormsNBRPurchase BookClick Here
Mushak 6.2.1VAT FormsNBRPurchase-sale accounts for registered/enlisted person not engaged in processing goods/servicesClick Here
Mushak 6.2VAT FormsNBRSales BookClick Here
Mushak 6.3VAT FormsNBRVAT ChallanClick Here
Mushak 6.5VAT FormsNBRGood transfer invoice for centrally registered entityClick Here
Mushak 6.6VAT FormsNBRVAT Deduction CertificateClick Here
Mushak 6.7VAT FormsNBRCredit NoteClick Here
Mushak 6.8VAT FormsNBRDebit NoteClick Here
Mushak 6.10VAT FormsNBRInformation relating to purchase/sale invoice beyond 2 (two) lacsClick Here
Form IRJSC FormsRJSCOwner's declaration of complianceClick Here
Form IIIRJSC FormsRJSCNotice of ConsolidationClick Here
Form IXRJSC FormsRJSCConsent of Director to ActClick Here
Form XRJSC FormsRJSCList of Personal Consenting to be DirectorsClick Here
Form XIRJSC FormsRJSCAgreement to take qualification shares in proposed companyClick Here
Form VIRJSC FormsRJSCNotice of situation of Registered office of any change therein The Companies Act, 1994Click Here
Form VIIRJSC FormsRJSCStatutory ReportClick Here
Form XIVRJSC FormsRJSCDeclaration before commencing businessClick Here
Form XVRJSC FormsRJSCReturn of AllotmentClick Here
Form XXXVIIIRJSC FormsRJSCList of Directors and ManagersClick Here
Application of time extension for return submissionTax FormsNBRApplication for time extension in case of delay for annual tax filingClick Here
Form IVRJSC FormsRJSCNotice of Increase Share CapitalClick Here
Form VIIIRJSC FormsRJSCSpecial Resolution or Extraordinary ResolutionClick Here
Form XVIIIRJSC FormsRJSCParticulars of mortgages or chargesClick Here
Form XXVIIIRJSC FormsRJSCMemorandum of Satisfaction of Mortgage ChargeClick Here
Form XXXVIRJSC FormsRJSCDocuments constitution of the CompanyClick Here
Form XXXVIIRJSC FormsRJSCNotice of the address of the Registered of principal Office of the CompanyClick Here
Form XXXIXRJSC FormsRJSCReturn of persons authorised to accept serviceClick Here
Form XLRJSC FormsRJSCNotice of the alternation in Charter, etc.Click Here
Form XLIRJSC FormsRJSCNotice of alternation in the address of the Registered of principal office of CompanyClick Here
Form XLIIRJSC FormsRJSCNotice of situation of the principal place of business in Bangladesh or of any change thereinClick Here
Form Schedule XRJSC FormsRJSCAnnual summary of the Share Capital and List of Shareholders Annual DirectorsClick Here
Form 117RJSC FormsRJSCInstrument of Transfer of SharesClick Here
Form XIIRJSC FormsRJSCParticulars of Director, Manager and Managing Agents and of any changeClick Here
Mushak 9.1VAT FormsNBRValue Added Tax Return Form (Updated)Click Here
IT 11 GHA 2016Tax FormsNBRReturn of Income for a CompanyClick Here
IT 11 GA 2016Tax FormsNBRIncome Tax Return IndividualClick Here