While you feel the task of raising capital to be the most difficult part of initiating your new project, it may be frightening to discover that the task of raising capital really never ends. As a consultant we understand that the ability to raise the necessary amount of capital to start and continue funding a business is an indispensable tool compulsory for entrepreneurial success. By developing the proper income projections and taking under consideration industry, environmental and business analysis, we help our Clients in understanding what quantity of money they have to boost and for what period they have to raise it for.

Options we work with:

De Tempete knows how to connect you with sources of investors so that you can get access to immediate cash flow for your business. Our network of investors may be eager to lend and our easy funding process can hurriedly get you the business capital that you require.

Debt Financing

Debt-based financing is a term used to explain a method for companies to raise funds for working capital or capital expenditures by selling bonds, bills, notes or other financial instruments to individuals or institutions. Debt financing can include both secured and unsecured loans, and in return for the loan, the individual or institutions will become a lender. Investors will entertain a guarantee that the principle and interest on the debt will be repaid as per prescribed terms.

Equity Financing

Companies can collect equity capital by selling part of their company, or company equity, to investors. No guarantee required for this option.

Acceptance in Industry